Salvage Items

Name: Salvage Items

Version: 1.1
Author: Mr. Trivel
Created: 2015-12-13

What does it do?
Allows players to salvage unneeded items and get something back.


How to use?
To make items salvageable just add the following tag to items:
[TYPE] – Item type. w – weapon, a – armor, i – item
[iD] – ID of the item
[QUANTITY] – How many player gets from salvaging
[CHANCE] – Chance of success – 1.0 – 100%, 0.5 – 50%, 0.04 – 4%
i 8 1 1
i 8 1 0.75
i 8 1 0.25

Plugin:  <Link: Github>
How to download Script. Click the link above, there will be a button named Raw, press Right Click -> Save As.

Terms of Use:

Don’t remove the header or claim that you wrote this plugin.
Credit Mr. Trivel if using this plugin in your project.
Free for commercial and non-commercial projects.

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